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With over 300 active interconnects, AMC TEL S.A.R.L provides a full range of termination and origination services throughout the world. AMC TEL S.A.R.L is an innovative company formed to deliver cost effective and feature enriched telecommunications connectivity to all clients. AMC TEL S.A.R.L is a multinational company headquartered in Lebanon with branches in Ukraine, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan. Founded in 2015, AMC TEL S.A.R.L has established itself as a reliable business partner providing high quality, high performance and high availability at all levels to our clients.
AMC TEL S.A.R.L terminates calls to A-Z destinations worldwide with high voice quality and competitive rates. Having been interconnected with the major and reputed companies in Europe, Asia, North America and East, we offer voice services to carriers and retailers worldwide. Specializing in Africa, Middle East and Europe markets AMC TEL S.A.R.L has more than 50 million minutes a month to these destinations. AMC TEL S.A.R.L is a dynamic, fresh, highly motivated business with exceptional leadership and a commitment to growth. We strive to continuously search and implement new and innovative services and practices to our customers, build leading-edge IP-leveraged solutions advanced by our unmatched global infrastructure and leadership in emerging markets.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers by creating a strong relationship with them, based on loyalty, honesty, mutual understanding and dedicated support. Maintain high integrity in all that we do with decisions and actions reflecting the highest ethical and professional standards.

Driven by customer requirements and the demands of an ever-changing telecoms sector AMC TEL S.A.L opts for suppliers that offer exclusivity and price advantageous routes to emerging markets and niche destinations, giving particular focus to the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America. Choosing us as your preferred voice termination partner, we will provide the best solution for your business maximizing profitability and customer satisfaction.
Our culture of continuous improvement and innovation enables us now to be interconnected with Tier 1 carriers globally. At the same time we are always opened for new partners and we are ready to cooperate with beginners on this market.

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Our mission is to

Exceed the expectations of our customers

  • Worldwide high voice quality
  • Africa, Middle East and Europe
  • 50 million minutes a month

Maximizing Profitability

Providing the best solution for your business