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Exceptional Leadership & a Commitment to Growth

AMC TEL SIA terminates calls to A-Z destinations worldwide with high voice quality and competitive rates. Having been interconnected with the major and reputed companies in Europe, Asia, North America and East, we offer voice services to carriers and retailers worldwide. Specializing in Africa, Middle East and Europe markets AMC TEL SIA has more than 50 million minutes a month to these destinations.

AMC TEL SIA is a dynamic, fresh, highly motivated business with exceptional leadership and a commitment to growth.

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Competitive Advantages

Professional Sales Force
Traffic Swap Deals
Direct Interconnection Routes
Financial & Operational Strength
Quality Driven Team
Technical Support 24/7

Refined routings, with over

150 direct interconnections,

and competitively priced

How do we operate?

The whole negotiation process with our prospective and current clients is strictly confidential.
We collect and verify information about our prospective clients: review references from our current clients, information regarding financial stability, on-time payments, etc.
We determine our client’s needs. We exchange IP addresses of client’s equipment. To speed up the process we usually communicate via email.
Voice traffic exchange begins.